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Office Renovation Sydney – As Good As New!

When given the challenge of creating a new home for their business, many project teams dread the time and resources required to find a new location, let alone actually working with suppliers to design, construct and then move in to the new space. Luckily, there is an alternative – an office renovation or refurbishment. Unless there are significant issues with your current space, you should carefully consider and weigh up the necessity and cost of an office move.

Our office renovation team in Sydney will work closely with you to create your new dream office space. You can see more of our office builds and renovations here.

There are a number of benefits to choosing a ‘refurb’ over moving to a new space – here are some of them.

Cost Reduction

Renovations or refurbishments are far more cost effective than a relocation, particularly as you will be able to re-use much of your existing infrastructure, let alone the savings on moving costs. Our tip is to remember your ceiling, because above your workspace rests a considerable investment in wiring, lighting, air and digital technology. Moving to a new space will often require a significant reinvestment of time and dollars in these areas to get them to your business’ specifications.

A More Sustainable Approach

A refurbishment or office renovations helps you to reduce the amount of new materials you’ll need to buy and old(er) materials you’ll have to throw away if you are moving to a new space and fit out. In addition, you can re-use elements from your current space, such as furniture, fittings and as mentioned previously, expensive items such as IT hardware, lighting and electrical assets. Of course, some elements will need refreshment, upgrading or a bit of paint, but this is still far better than having to buy and install everything again – and you’re doing your bit for the planet too!

Minor Works More Likely

Depending on your renovation office plan, it’s likely that the amount of works required to create a new, attractive, functional and refreshing workspace will be far less than that of a full move and fit out. In addition, you will be able to quickly target and address known problem areas for your team, making for a happier working environment where employees feel like their voices are heard.

You can find more detail about office refurbishments here.

Whether you choose to refurbish your space or move, HasBuilt Projects can offer you the advice, service and expertise you need to make all the right choices for the perfect office space.

Contact us today for more information.

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