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Office Construction: Invest in First Impressions

by Elizabeth Hand – Design & Sales Consultant

There’s no second chance

It is often said that when it comes to first impressions, there’s no second chance. Our office design and construction team here in Sydney know that getting them right is vital for businesses, not only because they are formed in as little as seven seconds, but also because their impact can be hard to change or shake once they are made. Your space should be a true reflection of your business, your culture and your values, clearly setting the tone for what visitors can expect from you – from the word go.

First impressions matter

Most of us know the basics of creating a good personal impression, but if you want potential customers, partners and investors to see your business’ best side, it takes focus, effort and resources to make sure you start out on the right foot. Here are our top tips for making the right impact each and every time.

  • High traffic areas = high visibility – Meeting areas, waiting areas and receptions are considered ‘high client traffic’ areas and so should really showcase the best of your business and create a positive experience. Think high quality furniture, finishes and a strong brand aesthetic. 
  • Stay ‘on brand’ – Your business’ brand is its external face to the world, usually created and refined over time to maximise connection with your key stakeholders and target audience. Make sure your brand aesthetic is strongly represented in the colours, shapes and fonts used in your office. These represent what your company stands for and help to create a unique environment and standout visitor experience.
  • Stand out, be bold – Avoid being the same as everyone else, be proud of your business, your team and your workspace and be confident to show it off. Investing in items such as high-quality finishes, furniture and lighting will really make a difference. Consider how you represent your logo too, be bold and grand. Aesthetically, your business should ‘own’ your workplace, rather than being recessive and timid.
  • Inspire Confidence – Use your high traffic areas to add depth to your business offering and brand for those in the space for the first time. Proudly and creatively communicate examples of work done, awards, partnerships and even corporate social responsibility initiatives such as community work and charity partners. 

Do your business justice and invest in making a consistently strong first impression in your workspace. Your team, your clients and most importantly, your bottom line will thank you for it. 

Take a look at our office design & construction portfolio or talk to our office design team right here in Sydney and see how we can help you design your dream office space today!

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