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Keeping Your Office Covid-19 Safe

Plan your return back to the office

As the first wave of workers are transitioning back into the workplace, it's time to start planning your current space to ensure your employees feel safe and comfortable during their transition. Along with all of your sanitisers, soaps and face masks, it’s also imperative that you maintain all government requirements, including social distancing.

If you haven’t thought about all of the precautions that need to be undertaken within your office design, then it might be time to consider altering your office space.

Reconsider Your Previous Space

Adapting your current office space to meet the restrictions does not have to be expensive or a long drawn out project. Here are 5 ideas that are cost effective and more importantly easy to implement in your work environment.

Idea 1

Allocate enough space between the desks to meet social distancing rules. This is something that can be solved in simple ways.

  • Organise and rearrange all desk space to be 1500mm apart.
  • Obtain longer desks that can still be connected, whilst allowing for employees to adhere to the 1500mm rule.
  • Idea 2

    Install mobile perspex partitions to create a physical barrier between workspaces. These can be easily removed later once the restrictions are fully lifted or can be reused for other purposes such as a creative board.

    Idea 3

    Place removable floor stickers to indicate safe space distancing as well as to direct foot traffic in certain directions to minimise contact.

    Idea 4

    Make use of underutilised work areas or break out areas so these can be transformed into a productive working hub.

    Idea 5

    For office environments that had activity based working arrangements prior to Covid-19, return back to permanent desk allocation.

    The New Design

    While Covid-19 has shaped the future of office design, simple ideas such as those listed above, can be implemented into the current office environment without compromising aesthetics, cost and more importantly your employees safety.

    If you are in need of redesigning your office space but are unsure where to start, contact the Hasbuilt Projects team. We are able to advise you on how you can optimise your space, while keeping it completely Covid-19 safe. Trust Hasbuilt Projects for your office fit-out to ensure your commercial space meets the new government social distancing rules.

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