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How to Plan Your Next Office Move

Renovating your current space or planning an office relocation can often be an overwhelming process. However, the benefits it can bring to your business, your team and in-turn, your clients can be extremely positive. So, it’s an absolute must to devise a clear plan for your office relocation, ensuring you have the right assistance from the start.

Set the vision

Before you essentially get this large project underway, it’s important to take a step back and revisit exactly why it is that you’re looking to refresh and relocate your office space to help you decide on what is and isn’t needed in your next move.

For example, you may be moving due to either one of, or a number of the following:

  • Business growth (accommodate more team members)
  • The need for new and improved facilities
  • To improve and nurture workplace productivity
  • Merging with another business(s)
  • To ensure your space reflects a recent rebrand or new business vision

Set the budget

Now, with the firm vision of exactly why your business needs a new space, drawing up a realistic budget to facilitate that ideal space is needed before getting started. Many business owners just think it’s a few more office chairs and desks, however, it’s simply much more. Ensuring you have a concrete budget in place will enable you to successfully relocate completely and on schedule - without any hold ups or constraints.

A few essential items to include in your relocation budget are:

  • Upfront commercial lease fees & agreement costs (as well as necessary legal costs)
  • Physical fitout and renovation expenses
  • Interior design & furniture expenses
  • IT and technological equipment
  • Waste & office housekeeping expenses
  • Increased personnel costs
  • And much more

Engage the professionals

To ensure your office move is both cost and time effective, it is best to arrange a consultation with a leasing professional, whose knowledge and expertise can help you throughout the process of finding and securing your new space. They can often guide you through the 101 basics of setting up your utilities and offer other helpful advice in the initial stages.

Additionally, a leasing professional can productively negotiate your lease terms that suit your broad range of needs, from your staff’s comments, design, and architecture of the building, IT features and environmental utilities to name a few.

Of course, together with your own staff, as well as your leasing professional, it’s important to set out and stick to a firm schedule and ‘move’ timeline to ensure it’s a successful relocation as a whole.

There’s no doubt that managing your own workload while trying to coordinate a major office move can be challenging, which is why reaching out to a well rounded fitout company with an inclusive design and construct team can help you save time and energy! Here at Hasbuilt, we have our very own design and construct team that strives to recognise the importance of working in space that creatively, yet expertly represents your business image.

It also goes without saying that technology and documents are fundamental components to every business, regardless of the business’ size. Without effective planning or professional assistance, your relocation of these assets could result in damage, or even loss.

Getting in touch with a company specialising in office relocation to consult your technology and document needs, could ensure your transfer is much easier. At the end of the day, you and your organisation want to resume operations at the new location immediately and without stress.

Of course, every office relocation is different from the next but it doesn’t need to be as stressful as it sounds. Our team actively sustains fluid communication across all relevant channels when it comes to managing our clients’ office moves, combining our years of experience with confidence to present a detailed, transparent budget and plan of your office relocation that satisfies your needs, as well as our expectations.

Are you thinking about relocating your office or refreshing your workspace? If you’re not sure where to start, the team at Hasbuilt can take you through what you need to know. Contact us today to get started.

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