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Design vs. Desire – Finding Balance

Design vs. Desire – Finding Balance

Kirsten Lin– Interior Designer

With so many amazing design trends, technological advances and beautiful furniture options available today, it’s easy to let your imagination and ambition run wild when it comes to designing your office space. However, before adopting a fresh new look, changing your office aesthetics or jumping on new trends, it’s absolutely vital to consider the functionality of your space, your team and the potential impacts of rapid, significant change on each of them.


Too much, too soon?

Let’s be honest, despite the undoubted excitement that accompanies a new office design, there is also the inevitable trepidation that we all feel, to different extents, about change. This discomfort may be amplified when the change is the adoption of a daring new trend, style or aesthetic, so consider how your proposed changes may impact individuals, teams and the office as a whole before committing to or investing in anything. How will this new trend disrupt business as usual? Could it make some people feel uncomfortable? Could it create disruption and clashes within the redesign project team?


Consider a ‘soft’ introduction

Understanding which elements to change, by how much and when is an essential part of managing the implementation of new trends effectively. We’ve worked with many established teams and organisations, who have successfully managed this process with our help, and we have three simple tips for balancing new and old trends in your transition:

1.     Incorporate new trends through items that are easily changeable first. Minimise the initial impact and allow some time for familiarisation by your team.

2.     Understand the relationships between the existing and new trends you are adopting. Ensure direct clashes are kept to a minimum and where possible, they complement each other.

3.     Layering textures can create a relaxed, cosy ambience. Avoid a stark, cold environment as this can quickly alienate people.


Understand the long-term

When thinking about adopting and implementing a new trend in your workplace, it’s important to consider its potential lifespan before investing too heavily. Ask yourself these three questions before committing:

1.     Will this trend last, or is it just a passing phase? Is it worth investing in right now?

2.     How easily can you adapt or move on from this trend if it fades?

3.     Should you start small before making sweeping changes? e.g. on trend wall treatments, furniture, fixtures etc. that are easily adaptable.

For advice or guidance on how to implement the latest ideas or trends in your workplace, contact us today on 029055 3770 or send us an email hello@Hasbuiltprojects.com.au

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