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5 Steps to a Successful Commercial Fit-Out

The growth of online shopping has made a significant impact on the way customers interact with businesses. Add to this advancements in workplace technology which has driven a fundamental change in the way employees work. That’s why it’s become more important than ever for businesses to optimise their workspace experience to engage their customers and employees.

In this post, we explore 5 steps that will help your next fit-out to be successful, but more importantly meet changing customer and employee needs.

1) Understand The Purpose Of The Fit-Out

What is the purpose for the fit-out? What is the overall business objective you are looking to achieve? For example, are you looking to improve employee morale? Is the current layout suitable or can it be utilised better? Does the existing infrastructure need upgrading? Asking yourself these type of questions will help define the problem you need to solve as well as the success criteria for the fit-out.

2) Space Analysis

Analysing the space to try and find the correct balance based on how people will navigate from one section to another is crucial. It will require an understanding of how staff and customers are currently using the space. Look at things like foot traffic through the subject area, are certain technical areas underused or not used often enough, is there enough room for customers to comfortably walk through without bumping into items? Talking to an expert designer can help you formulate the perfect design.

3) Understanding The Customer Needs

Talk to your customers and stakeholders to find out what they need to make their experience better. Be sure to ask open ended questions when doing this so that you are able to drill down and understand their true needs. Ensure you refine the vision of the fit-out based on the insights gathered from your conversations so that a functional space is created for everyone using it.

4) Open Communication/Transparency

Communication is vital in any setting, and we ensure that we are not only always in touch with our clients but that its transparent between all parties involved. This is achieved by providing clients with regular written and verbal reports covering all aspects of the fit-out.

5) Reliable trades

A commercial fit out is no child’s play, which means engaging with experts with experience working in commercial fit-outs and refurbishment projects. Input from experts, including the costs, design and other construction issues that arise, can be handled with ease. This will allow you to make informed decisions throughout the whole process. An expert will be able to work within the budget you have set and also deliver on time and to the agreed quality standards.

For more information on commercial fit-outs in Sydney, Hasbuilt Projects is the right organisation that you’re looking for. We are experts in all things fit-outs, design and construction, and refurbishments. Visit our website and browse through what we can do for you!

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