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4 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time for Your Office Renovation

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic affecting our nation in a multitude of ways, we have all had to adapt to the new environment and way of life. For many of us, it’s embracing the new work from home arrangements and initiatives.

With your company and staff now working productively in their own homes, you may be considering how to optimise this unique time to improve your business aesthetic. This may be a decision you have been considering for some time.

We have 4 reasons why you should consider renovating your office within this seemingly difficult period. We will show you some of the positives you can take advantage of during COVID-19 when it comes to moving your company into its next phase.

Zero interruptions

With the majority of the office based workforce now working from home, you have a unique opportunity to start in-office renovations, without the need to rearrange your old office and employees. You can keep staff productive in their at-home work space, while renovating your office space during the day, within business hours.

With ZERO interruption to your employees, it’s the perfect opportunity to renovate your commercial space in a timely and efficient manner. Projects no longer have to be divided in stages and be limited to out of office hours, leaving your office build project more cost effective.


Is your business entitled to one of the current stimulus packages available? This is an opportunity to input this money back into your business by updating your office. Not only will an office renovation by Hasbuilt improve workflow, productivity and morale within your office, it will also further increase your business’ credibility & professional reputation to new and potential customers. The benefits to your business are endless.


With the EOFY fast approaching, as a business, it's the ideal time to take advantage of the tax benefits associated with renovating your office. Now is a crucial time for all business owners to make the most out of their business entitlements.

The perfect welcome back gift

With your staff working from home over the past few months, some of them may find it difficult to come back to the normal working environment. A newly upgraded space could just be the motivation your staff need to transition back into the office after the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you, or someone you know, has been thinking of an office renovation, take advantage of the current climate’s positive elements and start your next office renovation with Hasbuilt Projects.

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